About Us

Our company primarily focuses on agriculture. Our main goal is to help farmers improve the quality and yields of their crops while introducing the advanced approach on farming.

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A group of Filipino and American individuals founded Biorganism Corporation with the goal of reviving the prosperity of farming in the Philippines.

Biorganism's product has been available in the Philippines for almost five years, and the company initially distributed it for free to farmers, agriculturists, and farm owners for testing. They also started to penetrate the market by selling the Biorganism Enhancer.

The company's advocacy is to support the government's food security program, and Biorganism has distributed over 1500 units of the Biorganism Enhancer for free, which would treat more than 1500 hectares of farmlands and numerous livestock farms in Northern Luzon.

By using organic formulations, Biorganism Corporation, with the help of both the private and government sectors, is establishing sustainable and innovative methods for producing fertilizer enhancers/conditioners.

Our primary goal is to provide tips and techniques for sustainable farming, with a focus on assisting farmers and encouraging their young children to return to farming. Our advocacy is centered around promoting integrated and responsible farming and creating a brighter future for Filipino farmers.